theme : something small

1 – Do Something Small

“Action speaks louder than words – but not nearly as often.” –Anonymous

Something SmallBegin by MINDFULLY completing several very, very small acts of anonymous kindness. These may be things you plan or that come upon you spontaneously. They just need to be small, perhaps even seemingly insignificant. The key here is that you put your full self into it.

The hoped-for result is two-fold. One, that when performing acts of anonymous kindness you do so from the inside out and not as an after-thought. And two, to help you see how easy it is to complete kind acts. If it helps, substitute the word “simple” for the word “small” and mindfully complete several simple acts of kindness.

As you contemplate and complete your kind actions, please take time to read Andy’s inspiration message associated with this theme. And after having completed your acts, consider providing a summary of your experience in the comments section below, thus providing an opportunity for others to learn from and be inspired by you.

8 thoughts on “theme : something small

  1. Sometimes it is the really little things which can really show a sense of appreciation and caring for another, their humanity, and worth. It’s like the small downtown stores that put out a bowl of water for passing canines or the ones that provide a small refreshment at the counter (such as a little piece of chocolate). Most people will never even take a piece but just knowing that its there lend to a feeling of caring. It is as if the owners care not only about money but also about their customers – that people come first. Such small gestures really increase our sense of well-being and belief in the kindness of humanity.

  2. In this wild and crazy world we live in some people look to get the next big thing and overlook the littlest joy’s in life. It is a very sad to see that happening. We have a game that we play at work and it is called “secret pal”, this is so much fun.

    The other day I was haveing a bad day and when I went to my desk was a candy bar and a note that said “You Rock”. That was great and for the rest of the day much better.

  3. I called the hospital where my mom had just undergone a valve replacement. ( At 85 years old, my emotions, stress level and nerves were completely shot. The level of care already provided by the staff before the operation was very respectful and professional.) We were told that if there was any change in her condition, her nurse would call, and we should go home to rest. When I called, her evening nurse gave me her status. I then thanked her profusely for being there, taking such good care of her and being so dedicated to her recovery. She seemed to really appreciate it. Today, both her day nurse and the sweet one I talked to get some homemade brownies.

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