reflection : partner

3 – Enlist a Partner

In encouraging you to “enlist a partner” in an act of anonymous kindness I’m hoping to help you, if you will, spread the joy. I also hoped to provide you an opportunity for a little personal perspective on whether or not you are performing your kind actions for show or for something more internal. Involving another provides you an opportunity to consider this and I encourage you to do so with the conclusion of both this theme and this module.

Reflecting on the module as a whole, I want to share with you a story about a 4 year-old girl named Meredith who was experiencing the loss of a beloved family dog, Abbey, one that had been present throughout her life. Believing in a higher being, she wrote a letter to God in order to make sure God recognized the arrival of Abbey in heaven. She stamped the letter and, with her mom’s help, dropped the letter in a mailbox. A couple of weeks later, the family arrived home to find a package on their porch. Someone in the post office had taken it upon her/himself to provide Meredith with an answer. The depth of this anonymous act of kindness is breathtaking. The story has been proven to be true. Read all about it at this link, and you can see a photo of Meredith and Abbey here.

Among many things I like about this story is the little girl not being the least bit surprised that God wrote back to her. That makes perfect sense. Also, this story sums up a small act of kindness (the postal worker’s), providing something wonderful (both Meredith’s letter and the package she received in return), and a partnership (Meredith & her mother), our module in a nutshell.

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