This kindness class is presented as a self-paced module designed for people to consider and complete anonymous acts of kindness. There are three themes, each progressing from the one before. The idea is to take a week with each theme, thus making this a three week class, but feel free to move quicker or slower as the mood strikes you. In fact, feel no pressure to do anything in any “supposed to” way. See this as a personal reflective exercise rather than something big you do for show.

Click “Themes” to be taken to links for descriptions of each of the three themes. Also provided are links called “Inspirations,” messages to be read after individually considering a theme for a short time, and another called “Reflections.” Reflections are concluding thoughts about each theme and are intended to be read after you have finished your work with it.

This class was created by Seattle-based educator Andy Smallman and is part of Kind Living. It’s a shortened version of a class he has offered in “live time” online. If you are interested in learning more, you can reach Andy via email. He answers every email he receives as quickly as he can so don’t be shy about contacting him.

All the images used on this module were drawn specifically for each theme by artist Fish Astronaut.